New Pedals: Mason FX Love Bender Mk1.5

Green Carrot Comfortably Plum Muff + Boost

ThorpyFX Field Marshal Fuzz

Thermion Stone Age Multi-Mode Fuzz

New Pedal: VS Audio Aurora Fuzz

Polarbear Effects Drowner Fuzz/Bitcrusher/Reverb

New Pedal: MAS Effects Sona Fuzz

New Pedal: Animals Pedal In Oct,3 Foxes Talking of Dreamy Fuzz

Vaderin Pedals Cherry Fuzz ‘Stainer

New Pedals: Rare Buzz Fuzz Bob-omb

Audio Kitchen Fake Plastic Trees

UPDATED! 18 of the Best Tone Bender Fuzz Pedals in 2022