Gated Fuzz

ThorpyFX Field Marshal Fuzz

Electronic Audio Experiments & Mask Audio Electronics Eldritch Blast Octave Fuzz

Bardic Audio Devices The Beast Distortion/Fuzz

Looperstar Effects Fuzz Junkie

Shoneswood Effects Shralp Gated Fuzz

Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender

New For NAMM 2020: TWA Microchasm Octave Box Fuzz

New For NAMM 2020: TWA Wahxidizer Envelope Controlled Fuzz

New For NAMM 2020: Fuzzrocious Maggotor Gated Fuzz

Glou-Glou unveils the Moutarde – see it at NAMM booth #3231

MidValley FX Secret Weapon

EarthQuaker Devices’ Erupter Fuzz