New Pedals: SolidGoldFX Imperial MkII Fuzz

New Pedal: Spiral Electric FX Allora High-Gain Darlington Fuzz

Thorpy FX Fallout Cloud Fuzz V2

Bardic Audio Devices The Beast Distortion/Fuzz

Now Shipping: Jackson Audio Modular Fuzz + Octave

Retro Tone Ram’s Head V2

Rude Tech 3MuF-14 Muff-style 3-in-1 Fuzz

New Pedals: Wren and Cuff Blue Caprid Muff

Mask Audio Electronics Titan Muff-Style Fuzz

Mask Audio Electronics Black Math Fuzz

Flattley DG Fuzz

New Pedal: Stomp Under Foot Utility Muffin