Kuro Custom Audio 1942

Hailing from Italy, the Kuro Custom Audio 1942 is a fuzz + envelop filter combo that merges a classic guitar effect (the former) with a supremely synthy one (the latter).

Since in this 10-knob pedal, the fuzz is represented by only two knobs (Fuzz and Volume), it’s the filter the real star of the circuit, with a section on the left dedicated to the Type (Low Pass, Bypass and Hi Pass), Filter and Resonance, and the right section in orange dealing with the settings of the Envelope filter. Both effects can be activated via dedicated footswitches although the filter’s envelope can be turned off through a toggle.

As expected the fuzz is placed before the filter and it’s very dense and “square-wave-sounding,” creating an extended carpet of frequencies that can then be shaped by the filter.

For guitarists interested in getting creative with routing, an FX Loop lets you place a chain of pedals in between the two effects.

Here’s the first video of the Kuro 1942: