Third Man Hardware Fuzz-A-Tron
The Third Man Hardware Fuzz-a-Tron is a pedal kit that allows anyone to build their own fuzz effect. It is suitable for beginners who have little or no soldering experience, as it comes with a detailed instruction manual and all the necessary components.

The Fuzz-a-Tron kit contains:

  • A QR code for online access to the instruction manual
  • A circuit board and components
  • Hook up wire
  • A battery lead (9v battery not included)
  • A black chassis box
  • 1/4″ input and output jacks
  • A footswitch
  • An external power jack (power supply not included)
  • Rubber feet
  • A Third Man Hardware sticker pack

The Fuzz-a-Tron has three controls:

  • Tone: This knob adjusts the tone of the fuzz effect, from dark and swampy to bright and screeching.
  • Volume: This knob regulates the output level of the pedal.
  • Switch: This footswitch toggles between the fuzz effect and the clean signal.
  • The pedal can be powered by a 9v battery or a center negative 9v power supply (such as the one spot).