Tone Bender Inspired Fuzz

The 3 Best Fuzz Pedals Per Type, in 2022

Cunningham Amps MK 1.6 Fuzz (Ge)

Now Shipping: Caroline Crom Fuzz

Pedal Update: JPTR FX Silvermachine Fuzz V2

OKKO FX Holy Grit Fuzz

Tone Cloud Tone Snifter Fuzz

BOSS TB-2W Tone Bender

New Pedal: Oopegg OZZ-1 Fuzz

New Pedal: ThorpyFX The BoneYard Fuzz

2022 UPDATE: 18 of the Best Tone Bender Fuzz Pedals

New Pedal: Tampco All-Bender Fuzz

Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation