The Kernom Moho Fuzz is the fuzz equivalent of the Kernom Ridge, a pedal that surprised everyone in our community upon release, by offering an incredibly wide palette of tones. The Moho aims at doing the same, for fuzz tones.

The clever Mood knob works as some sort of history of fuzz, taking you from the rudimentary but deliciously gnarly tones of the ’60s to the fuller and punchier modern fuzz standards and… beyond! Yes, the folks at Kernom took the liberty to imagine the fuzz sound of the future as well.

A Post-Tone control after the fuzz stage lets you fine-tune the high-frequencies, for warmer and less grating tones, while the Pre-Tone control lets you tweak the way the fuzz stage responds to your performance’s dynamics, with results ranging from more dynamic or more gated.

The Electricity knob acts as a double octaver (one up, one down) and ring modulator, while Fuzz and Volume do what’s expected of them.

The pedal also has a preset system (two of which can be recalled immediately) and it’s fully Midi compatible. A Expression in allows you to control remotely any combination of controls.