Granular Pedals

The Best Glitch, Stutter and Granular Pedals in 2023

Soma Cosmos Drifting Memory Station

New Pedal: Pladask Etterslep Granular Delay

Hologram Microcosm Multi-Mode Granular Looper/Delay

Chase Bliss Audio MOOD MkII

Walrus Audio Fable Granular Soundscape Generator

Red Panda Particle V2 Multimode Granular Stereo Delay

Montréal Assembly Count to 5 Granular Delay

Dreadbox Darkness Stereo Granular Reverb

Zander Templo Stereo Multi-Reverb

Pladask Elektrisk Baklengs Granular Synth/Glitch Delay

Drolo Stamme[n] V4 Glitch Pedal