Farm Pedals The Altar

The Farm Pedals The Altar is a limited edition overdrive/fuzz based on a dual-stage hybrid Germanium/Mosfet circuit. There are currently only 50 units available.

The peculiar thing about this simple device is that its two knobs have a double function: they both control the circuit’s two gain stages, but they also, at once, control the tone’s EQ.

The left knob sets the amount of treble and overall output. The right one sets the amount of bass and… overall output as well. Therefore, through the interaction of the two knobs you can dial in a variety of darker or brighter tones by simply blending the two outputs.

The overall results are never clean, but rather raw, loose and at times hairy, ranging between gritty overdrive tones and the fuzz tones you can get when pushing a tube amp.

Check out the video!