Cunningham Amps Nick Perri Mk 1 Fuzz
The Cunningham Amps Nick Perri Mk 1 Fuzz is a pedal that is based on the circuit design, component selection and performance of the Cunningham Amps Mk1 wedge pedal, which is inspired by the legendary Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine and the Sola Sound MK1 Tone Bender. The pedal is a signature limited edition model for Nick Perri, a guitarist and songwriter who has played with artists such as Shinedown, Perry Farrell, Matt Sorum and Silvertide.

The pedal has a wide range of fuzz tones, from full and throaty to bright and tight, with interesting overtones and some tasty gating. The pedal also has an internal trimmer to fine tune the pedal’s upper high-end response, adding versatility for matching to different rigs and buffers.

The pedal comes in a smaller housing than the Mk1 wedge pedal, making it more convenient for pedal boards. The Cunningham Amps Nick Perri Mk 1 Fuzz is a compact and powerful fuzz pedal that combines the history and sounds of the classic British fuzz boxes with the quality and reliability of a modern pedal.