Beetronics Vezzpa Octave Stinger Fuzz

Animals Pedal Sunday Afternoon is Infinity Bender Fuzz

Death By Audio Apocalypse Fuzz

New Pedal: Vaderin Pedals HP-X Harmonic Percolator-style Fuzz

New Pedal: JDM Pedals Hot Plate Fuzz

New Pedal: Bardic Audio Bootgazer Fuzz/Modulated Delay

Spaceman FX Sputniuk III Germanium Fuzz

Producing with Pedals: Sehat Effectors Moisture Fuzz and Masjidil Echo

Limited Edition: Heather Brown Blessed Mother: The Fuzz Assumption

Chase Bliss Automatone Preamp MKII

Mattoverse Bad Passenger Fuzz MKII

ToneTuga FX Clockwork MultiDriver