Pedals with tubes in them are quite rare, and normally confined to the overdrive niche. The Walrus Audio Silt is a fuzz pedal with a 12AU7 tube in it, created in collaboration with tube expert Jim Hagerman of Hagerman Amplification.

The Silt is a rather simple device, with the classic three controls for Volume, Tone and Gain, and a few more extras.

Among these, you’ll notice a 3-way filter toggle that delivers flat, low-pass and high-pass options, delivering respectively full response, tight and sparkly or warm and bassy tones.

But the trick up this pedal’s sleeve is the Harmonic mode, triggered by the right footswitch, which adds overtones to the signal before hitting the tube. This frequency doubler circuit adds a uniquely crisp quality to your signal reminiscent of upper octaves. It works best with your guitar tone at its darkest.

The Silt can run at 9v or 12v, with the latter option delivering extra gain.

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