Keeley Angry Orange

Dropped within a release including three pedals adopting the same form factor as the Noble Screamer (a hybrid overdrive mixing the character of a TS and a Nobles ODR-1), the Keeley Angry Orange embeds in the same pedal two circuits inspired by two other classic dirt boxes: the Russian Civil War Big Muff and the BOSS Waza DS-1 Distortion.

The design’s functionality is identical to the one of the Noble Screamer, with its unique twist allowing the player to mix and match the tone and overdrive character of each of the two channels, thanks to the two toggles placed under the respective knobs.

That way you can have a Civil War Muff with the Tone section of a DS-1 or vice-versa, – or just keep things true to the originals and have the full Muff or DS-1 sound when the toggles are matching.

Check out the first videos of the Keeley Angry Orange.