Trending Guitar Pedals

The time for our February 2021 StompBuzz has come! Let’s check out the list of trending guitar pedals on our site in the previous 30 days period.

February has been a relatively quiet month as far as new releases are concerned, and because of this we have a list very similar to the January one, but with a few surprising new entries: the rather revolutionary Benson Germanium Fuzz jumped directly into second position challenging the hype of another fuzz inspired by a vintage circuit, the BOSS TB-2W. Two popular boutique pedals released in late 2020 by Pedal Pawn and DemedQash FX squeezed in to take the last two slots in the chart.

Also, it’s worth noting that the Hologram Microcosm is some kind of Michael Jackson of guitar pedals – it’s been in this chart since its first edition in May 2020!

The gallery below lists the stompboxes that had the most searches in the Month of February 2021*It features brief descriptions about each pedal (mouse-over or first tap) and video demos (on click or second tap).

Here is the text version of the chart highlighting variations compared to last month. Click on the links below to read our coverage and video aggregation.

  1. (+9) BOSS TB-2W
  2. (NEW) Benson Germanium Fuzz
  3. (=) Hologram Microcosm
  4. (+5) Chase Bliss Audio + Zvex Bliss Factory
  5. (-5) Way Huge Atreides
  6. (-5) EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny
  7. (-1) Strymon Nightsky
  8. (-3) Chase Bliss Audio/Meris CXM 1978
  9. (-5) Walrus Audio R1
  10. (+1) Keeley Hydra
  11. (NEW) Pedal Pawn Texas Twang
  12. (NEW) Demedash T120 V2

*The search data was collected from our Google Search Console and Google Trends.