Way Huge Atreides

Way Huge just announced – quite curiously, through the JHS Pedal YouTube channel! – a new, unexpectedly creative pedal called Atreides (after the characters in cult sci-fi movie Dune), with the uber-intriguing subtitle “Analog Weirding Module.”

The pedal, inspired by the 1980 mini-synthesizer keyboard by Electro-Harmonix, like the original only features sliders, and seems to work as an envelope-controlled synth-fuzz pedal with a sub-octave and a phaser. Internal trim pots allow you to go as deep as two octaves and fine-tune a few other settings.

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We’ll let these YouTubers tell you the rest in these videos…

Way Huge Atreides

The Way Huge Atreides Analog Weirding Module offers a cornucopia of organic synth-like tones. Inspired by a vintage mini synth keyboard, this consciousness-awakening device produces a single effect with many layers that can be altered as needed with each of its several sliders. Kicking the footswitch generates an explosion of growly suboctave, expressive envelope, swooshing phase, and gnarly fuzz sounds. Ascend to new heights and look out upon a new world of musical greatness with the Atreides Analog Weirding Module as your guide.

  • Inspired by a vintage mini synth
  • A single effect with many layers
  • Sub, envelope, fuzz, and phase sounds
  • Sliders adjust each parameter
  • Internal switch sets sub at 1 or 2 octaves down
  • Internal pot adjusts phaser feedback
  • Limited edition