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Nov 27, 2020

Chase Bliss Zvex Bliss Factory has just announced two collaborative pedals linked to their upcoming movie about stompboxes: The Pedal Movie.

A collaboration between Minneapolis Chase Bliss Audio and Zvex, the Bliss Factory is described as “a souped-up Fuzz Factory with digital control and a resonant lowpass filter.” The ZVex Fuzz Factory is considered one of the most influential fuzz pedals, and this new version represents an ambitious take on this classic by a company founded by a ZVex alumni (Joel Korte started his career there for about five years).

The two-germanium-transistor fuzz features a five-knob control layout and a host of parameters controllable through three toggle switches and 16 DIP switches placed on the pedal’s back panel – a recurring feature of CBA’s pedals. All the settings can also be stored in presets and/or controlled with an expression pedal.

Here’s the video of the Chase Bliss + Zvex Bliss Factory, followed by a video featuring Joel Korte talking about it.

The pedal can be purchased exclusively through