Demedash T-120 V2

The Demedash T-120 is a quirky tape-style echo that, instead of using a revered vintage machine as a reference for its voicing, emulates the lo-fi sound of VHS tapes, described as “low bandwidth tape being fed haphazardly through a magnetic read head by an uncalibrated, unbalanced feed mechanism.” The Tape Quality knob exacerbates the lo-fi aspect, while Depth and Speed control the modulation.

There’s been a waiting list for orders since its appearance for both the regular and Deluxe (DLX) version that, for an extra $80, adds Soft Switching, Echo Trails and Secondary Footswitch, enabling swells of the echo repeats.

The Canadian builder has just released V2 of the T120 for both versions, with the following added features:

Standard: The updates to the standard include soft switching, momentary activation, and 2 added ‘secondary’ parameters (Glide & Randomize) accessible by holding down the footswitch and adjusting the ‘Depth’ and ‘Speed’ knobs, respectively.

These controls let you adjust the smoothness of the modulation transitions (from pitch jumps to smooth pitch glides), and blend between a fully periodic, standard modulating waveform and a totally random one.

DLX: The updates to the DLX consist of 2 internal dip switches (accessed by removing the back panel), which allow you to select between trails on/off, and regular or random modulation.

Here are the demos of both the regular and DLX version! We added the T-120 to our list of Best Tape Echo Pedals.