Keeley Hydra

Keeley just unveiled a new, multi-mode Stereo Reverb + Tremolo called Hydra, devised as a perfect companion to their well-received stereo delay Eccos, with which it shares the controls and in/out configuration.

The Keeley Hydra features 3 Reverb modes (Spring, Plate or Room) and tap-tempo enabled Harmonic, Vibrato, or Sine Wave Tremolo. Each effect has its own separate footswitch and it is possible to create up to 3 Presets. The order of the two effects can be changed for extra flexibility

The knobs have dual functions accessible by holding the Color knob, and they are clearly labeled in black fonts for Tremolo and white fonts for Reverb. 

Reverb Trails can be engaged on the fly and the pedal can be used with pro remote switching systems and offers both TRS Expression Pedal and External Tap-Tempo inputs.

The Keeley Hydra packs a ton of features for a compact pedal, and, as far as we know, it’s the only tremolo + reverb pedal in compact format that sports a Stereo output.

Here are the videos of it, we added this pedal to our comprehensive shopping guide to the Best Reverb Pedals with Tremolo.

In August 2021 Keeley unveiled an Artist Series version of the HYDRA with Ariel Posen’s signature.

Here’s some info about it:

The HYDRA combines high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo to add space and dimension to your guitar, bass, or keyboard signal. After the team at Keeley completed the ECCOS, we wanted to craft the perfect companion pedal, and we did just that with our new, feature-rich blue box. Bathe your sound in Spring, Plate or Room Reverb, then add tap-tempo enabled Harmonic, Vibrato, or Sine Wave Tremolo with the press of a button. You can easily change the order of effects or the character of the Tremolo or Reverb with the HYDRA’s smart Alt Controls. You can even create an Infinite Hold Reverb Trail! Save up to three presets with ease using our intuitive save feature. Engage Reverb Trails on the fly, no more internal dip switches. The Hydra can be used with pro remote switching systems and offers both TRS Expression Pedal and External Tap-Tempo inputs. The HYDRA is a complete end-of-pedalboard solution that fits perfectly in any musician’s rig, regardless of genre. Experience next-level processing power in this pedalboard-friendly enclosure. The sky, or more appropriately, the ocean floor, is the limit with the new Keeley Electronics HYDRA!

  • Stereo high-fidelity Reverb and Tremolo effect pedal

  • Dreamy and accurate sounding Spring, Plate, and Room Reverbs

  • Vintage-voiced Harmonic, Vibrato, and Sine Tremolo

  • 3 Preset locations

  • On board or Remote Tap-Tempo

  • Smart Alt Controls for Shimmer, Spring Age, Room/Hall Size

  • Infinite Hold for Reverb trails

  • Expression pedal can be assigned to any knob

  • Effect Order, Reverb or Tremolo first, switchable on the fly

  • True-Bypass or Trails switchable on the fly

  • 9 Volt DC, 115mA ultra low-current design

  • Designed and manufactured in Edmond, USA

The Keeley Electronics HYDRA will be available at dealers worldwide on 11/17/2020 for $249 (USD).