Gamma Pedals

We are not always super eager to cover new affordable “bread and butter-style” pedal series, and that’s the reason why we didn’t give much space to the new Gamma Pedal Line when it came out (unannounced to us) earlier in 2023. However, learning that this is a line Guitar Center seems to have heavily invested in by becoming the exclusive US dealer (something that’s not mentioned in the promotional literature) triggered our interest.

Following on the example of some relevant European stores like Thomann and Andertons, the US musical instrument giant evidently intends to be able to offer its own line of affordable pedals as a point of entry for the many beginner guitarists who visit their stores.

These strictly analog pedals include six stompboxes covering almost all the basics: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Dynamic overdrive, Boosted overdrive, and Metal Distortion – we wouldn’t be surprised if there were fuzz and more modulation pedals in the works.

Each pedal sports only three knobs (apart from the Metal Distortion, which has two big ones and three small ones for the 3-way EQ) and some feature a toggle switch to grant extra modes (like for the reverb) or voicings (like the overdrives).

They all bear names inspired by ancient Greek gods, which is pretty cool but not entirely original (see Mythos Pedals).

We pasted below the promo video for each pedal, you can find a description of each one by developer Patrick O’Connor here, they can be purchased via Guitar Center here (affiliate link).

Gamma Pedals, Builder’s Notes

GAMMA electric guitar effects pedals are rugged and affordable solutions for enhancing your guitar tone with amp-like overdrive, searing high-gain distortion, and a range of vibrant effects.