pedal pawn texan twang

Those looking for a pedal that encapsulates the essence of traditional Texan music may find what they need in the Texan Twang, a pedal by a company based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Inspired by a steady aural diet of Steve Ray Vaughan, this combo boost/overdrive pedal is a two-knob, treble booster-inspired device built to interact with your guitar and amp, cleaning up nicely at low guitar output. The right knob is a three-way rotary switch that produces glassy and bite on the Hi setting, tube-like warmth in the Mid setting and punchy growl in the Lo one.

You can hear the Pedal Pawn Texan Twang in the videos below, we added it to our article about the best treble booster-inspired pedals and Rangemaster clones.

It’s been a lifelong journey to encapsulate our favourite Texan’s ‘Twang’ into a box! Alongside our countless hours of tweaking, we have received an outpouring of requests for this very creation! We listened to you, ourselves, (& Stevie on repeat for 20 years) &  can now proudly present the – Pedal Pawn ® Texan Twang ™.

This custom boost / overdrive circuit is specifically tuned for an abundance of glassy clean-up, for when you roll back the guitars volume knob on each setting. Rolling up the guitars volume knob produces the Texan Twang ™ we have searched for our whole lives!

• 3-way rotary switch – Hi (Glass / Bite), Mid (Fat / Tube), Lo (Growl / Wood)

• Completely interactive clean up with the guitars volume knob

• Handcrafted in the UK by our master builder

• Standard 9v power input / battery connection

• True bypass switching