Most Popular Pedals 2020

The Monthly StompBuzz is back, with the usual update on the most searched pedals on our site in the previous 30 days period – in this case, that is November 2020!

For some inscrutable reason, last month was the month of the Plexi Pedal – not one, not two, but THREE Marshall Plexi emulation were released by popular manufacturers, and they all made this top 10! There were other intriguing releases (Keeley Hydra in particular), some of which didn’t make the list but went very close – we added them at the bottom of this post as Honorable Mentions.

The chart below lists the stompboxes that had the most searches in the Month of November 2020*.  It features brief descriptions about each pedal (mouse-over or first tap) and video demos (on click or second tap).

Here is the text version of the chart highlighting variations compared to last month and total number of Google searches on our site. Click on the links below to read our coverage and video aggregation.

  1. (=) Hologram Microcosm (9694 searches)
  2. (New) Keeley Hydra (7132 searches)
  3. (-1) Strymon Nightsky (6476 searches)
  4. (New) Chase Bliss Audio + Zvex Bliss Factory (4837 searches)
  5. (-2) DSM & Humboldt Simplifier (3250 searches)
  6. (New) Wampler Plexi Mini (2918 searches)
  7. (-3) BOSS OC-5 (2638 searches)
  8. (-3) Coppersound Triplegraph (2374 searches)
  9. (New) Friedmann Smallbox (2346 searches)
  10. (New) Carl Martin PlexiRanger (2204 searches)

Honorable Mentions
These pedals followed very closely: EQD/Death By Audio Time Shadow, Cornerstone Gladio, 1981 Inventions DRV, Chase Bliss/Meris CXM 1978, Strymon Deco, Origin Magma, Land Devices HP-2, Nux Horseman, Chase Bliss Blooper, Vertex Steel String Supreme.

*The search data was collected from our Google Search Console.