While reverb and delay pedals have been the favorite effects of creative guitarists since the psychedelic ’60s, the trend of creative modulation pedals is rather new. Australian pedal builder Anarchy Audio just released their take on this effect niche, and – as one may expect from their name – it’s a pretty radical one…

In the manufacturer’s words, the Aftermath is a pedal that…

[ventures] beyond the comfort of classic modulation and time based effects, into the realm of extreme signal mutation and random abrupt, arpeggiated glitches.

For what we understand, the circuit includes a modulation (Gliss/Warp) and delay (Space) whose settings get randomized through the Glitch knob, with the Smear knob adding ambience and repeats and triggering self-oscillation at higher settings.

A Mix knob allows to reintegrate the dry signal while a Kill Dry lets you remove it entirely. The left footswitch triggers a Momentary effect.

Since this is a rather complex pedal, we’ll take a shortcut and paste here the very useful description of the controls found on the device’s online page.

700x500instaftermath banshsrift font1

Check out the videos of the Anarchy Audio Aftermath, below.