Land Devices HP-2

Here’s a pedal clone for Steve Albini fans! It’s the Land Devices HP-2 Harmonic Percolator, a fuzz powered by Germanium diode clipping and hand-built in Oakland, CA.

The left knob controls harmonics, the right one controls the output, and the switch on the right lets you choose between the stock tone and a louder but less compressed one.

Here’s all the manufacturer has to say about this pedal:

HP-2 is a sonic doomsday device. A harmonic percolator equivalent; can go from mild overdrive to face melting fuzz. Left knob for harmonics and right knob for balance. Switch left for original circuit and switch right for doom. Rich even order distortion that is fat and warm.

Check out the videos of the Land Devices HP-2 below.

Here’s a video of the original, vintage unit: