Best New Pedals of 2022 | January Edition

Hey, you didn’t miss our Year-End Best Pedals of 2021 Aggregate List, did you? This article you are reading is about the best pedals released in January 2022.

The first month of the year was unusually busy: three new lines were announced by two established brands and one Danish newcomer, while a single builder (Walrus Audio) was particularly active with three new stompbox announcements!

Here’s our usual month-end recap in interactive gallery format  – previous monthly editions can be found here.

As usual, mouseover or first tap on the thumbnails will open a description of the pedal, while a click or a second tap will open a video of the pedal.

New Pedal Lines Announced in January 2022

Best New Non-Gain Pedals released in January 2022

Best New Gain Pedals released in January 2022

Enjoy and see you next month!

The Folks at Delicious Audio