TC 1

TC Electronics updated their Flashback (digital) Mini Delay with version 2, which adds new Tape and Analog algorithms and a Crystal delay utilizing the polyphonic octaver engine from the company’s SUB ‘N’ UP.

Most of what this pedal can do goes beyond the three knobs through the TonePrint technology that allows to customize tones via a PC/Mac/Android/iOS interface and load it on the pedal via USB. The pressure-sensitive footswitch can also set Tap Tempo and open up creative expression opportunities via the pressure-sensitive MASH function.

  • Tiny legendary delay pedal returns with innovative pressure-sensitive footswitch and a fresh batch of TonePrints
  • Secondary footswitch functions: MASH and Tap Tempo give you powerful real-time parameter control
  • Next-generation delay algorithms give you ultra-realistic analog and tape delay tones with warble and flutter effects
  • All new mesmerizing Crystal delay utilizes polyphonic octaver engine from SUB ‘N’ UP OCTAVER for otherworldly tones
  • Craft your own delays and customize MASH functionality with free TonePrint Editor (PC, Mac*, iPhone*, Android* and iPad*)
  • TonePrint-enabled to let you beam the new FLASHBACK 2 presets into your pedal with the free TonePrint App
  • Extra-small enclosure easily fits on any pedal board
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls let you focus on playing
  • Works flawlessly with guitar and FX loop signals
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains integrity of analog dry signal path when the effect is on
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark