NUX Voodoo


Although there are plenty of mini Uni-Vibe pedals with three knobs, the NUX Voodoo Vibe is a new DSP-based stereo redesign of the Dunlop Uni-Vibe featuring both Vibe and Chorus modes (just like in the original) and a smart footswitch that does both on/off duties and Tap Tempo.

Although it only features one input and one output, these are two-channel connectors that will deliver a full stereo path when using a TRS cable – it’s the first time we stumble upon a mini pedal with stereo in and out!

The three knobs are standard Speed, Intensity, and Volume, while a USB port is available for firmware updates.

Notwithstanding the noteworthy innovation, the sound remains a crucial factor for a pedal of this kind, and you can hear it in action in the videos below.

We added the NUX Voodoo Vibe to our article about the Best Uni-Vibe Pedals.

NUX Voodoo Vibe, Builder’s Notes

The Voodoo Vibe (NCH-3) is a mini Uni-vibe pedal with 2 different modes, Vibe and Chorus. You can switch modes by pressing and holding the footswitch.

Voodoo Vibe was inspired by the Dunlop® Uni-Vibe® for its gorgeous sound easily associated with Hendrix’s bending facial expressions in his 60s stage performances.

NUX’s modern-tech DSP yields a perfect combination of both worlds: analog and digital. Unlike the original Uni-vibe, now you can power the Voodoo Vibe with 9V instead of 18V. Using DSP technology, NUX is able to offer a mini pedal with Smart Tap Tempo function. And it’s easier to enhance the Chorus mode without volume drop issues in the digital world, while still retaining the same good vibes and analog sound.

Adjust the Intensity knob first:

In Chorus mode, it will change the depth of the sweeping effect. In Vibrato mode, it will change the degree of pitch modulation.

Adjust the Speed knob last:

At lower settings (counterclockwise), it will produce slow, sweep effects. At higher settings (clockwise), it will produce a rapid, shimmery pulse.

Mini but mighty! It also supports Stereo input & output. (Use 1/4” TRS cable, and choose Stereo mode.)

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A USB-C port is provided for occasional firmware updates. Connect the USB cable to a PC and hold the footswitch to boot-up the device and to enter the DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. Once connected you can do firmware updates using DFU updater software.

You can download the related firmware and firmware update guide from the product page.