TC Electronic Infinite Mini Sample Sustainer

The TC Electronic Infinite Mini is the reduced version of a pedal the Danish-born, but Switzerland-owned (via Behringer) company unceremoniously “recreated” from an original idea by the folks at Gamechanger Audio. We are referring to the Plus pedal, a circuit that loops the tail end of your long notes creating infinite sustain. The Infinite does the same thing, with an added reverb and Tone Print functionality.

Needless to say, this is a neat effect for ambient guitarists enamored with droney sounds, allowing them to create a prolonged note or an indefinite number of layers that gradually morph together (in Infinite mode) as a background sonic base for their tunes.

This mini version has exactly the same functionality as its big brother but with far fewer controls. It keeps the three knobs found on the original for Fade In, Decay and Volume, but delegates pretty much anything else, including reverb on/off and FX Types (looping modes) to the TonePrint app, which allows you to add also modulation.

Just like in the original, the Footswitch control can be set to latching or momentary with the company’s own MASH technology.

TC Electronic Infinite Mini Sample Sustainer, Builder’s Notes

Infinity Just Got Smaller
INFINITE MINI is our super-compact sample sustainer pedal that lets you create, capture, and sustain any moment forever – including those larger-than-life guitar moments where inspiration just seems to build up and grow exponentially!

Note on Note. Chord on Chord.
Stack it any way you feel like. Maybe you’re in the mood for simply sustaining a single delicate note or maybe you feel like exploring different layers and slowly building an overwhelming soundscape. At other times, you may already have a certain idea in mind and want to jump right into sustaining a chord, which may inspire you to stack yet another note or chord on top. It’s all up to you – it’s always up to you.

Eternal Control
With dedicated FADE IN and DECAY knobs, you have full control over how the stacked notes and chords will interact with each other. And if you’d like the knobs to work differently, you can tweak them to your preference via the TonePrint mapping. In short, you’re in control.

Product Features:

  • Samples and sustains your guitar signal, creating an ambient pad to play over
  • Infinite mode can add and sustain an indefinite number of layers which gradually morph together
  • Footswitch control can be set to latching or momentary with MASH
  • Simple controls to adjust sustain level, fade in and release/decay
  • Connect to the TonePrint app to access an expanded array of parameters and create your own custom TonePrints
  • Analog-dry-thru retains the integrity of your original signal