NuX Damp

With a $79 USD price tag, the NuX Damp is the first stereo reverb pedal hosted in a mini case – thanks to its two TRS jacks that accept both mono and stereo signals.

It offers 3 modes (Plate, Spring, and Hall) inspired by specific circuits: the EMT 140 plate reverb, the early spring reverbs found in Fender amps from the ’60s and the hall reverb found in the 1978 Lexicon 224.

As if that was not enough, it offers Trail mode and Shimmer and Freeze secondary functions when holding the footswitch.

Here are the demo videos, we added it to our article about the best multi-mode reverb pedals.

NuX Damp, Builder’s Notes

Whether you’re a classic spring reverb fan, a studio rack aficionado, or an ambient soundscape creator searching for new sonic textures, DAMP reverb provides three different reverb types that makes everything musical and beautiful.

DAMP Reverb (NRV-3) is a mini reverb pedal with 3 different reverb types including Plate, Spring, and Hall. You can switch the types by tapping the tap switch.

Plate reverb was inspired by EMT 140, which made use of a metal plate suspended in a steel frame, that was able to recreate reverberations similar to those heard in an acoustic space; renowned studio reverb found on classic recordings.

Spring reverb simulates the spring tank that a mechanical disturbance propagated in a spring by creating a mechanical oscillation. To achieve a “bouncy” tone, Spring reverb is a solid choice for adding a bottom-heavy dimension. Classic “surf” reverb; great for Rockabilly too!.

Hall reverb is based on the legendary Lexicon 224 which was unleashed in 1978. We simplified the DECAY, LEVEL, and TONE controls. It has famously lush reverb tail which single-handedly defined the sound of an entire era. Large encompassing reverb with warm decay.

DAMP reverb offers True-bypass and Buffer-bypass (Trails), just hold the footswitch to boot-up the pedal (do not connect USB). The footswitch indicator will show you the bypass status. (While you boot-up the pedal, if the FS indicator flashes “Green”=BF, “Red”=TB.)

Mini but mighty! It also supports Stereo input & output. (Use 1/4” TRS plug, and choose Stereo mode.)