Voltic Electronic Devices DTF

The Dual Transistor Fuzz (DTF) is a guitar pedal created by Voltic Electronics, a business split between Delaware, Philadelphia and New Jersey. It’s based on the HP-2 circuit designed by Dan Weiss of Interfax Electronics, also known as “Harmonic Percolator.” The DTF uses a PNP 2N404A germanium transistor and NPN 2N3565 silicon transistor to create gain. The circuit has been modified with an input cap selector to allow the user to choose between treble booster and full frequency booster, as well as a diode selector to apply varying amounts of compression and distortion to your instrument’s signal.

The DTF is known for its sensitivity to pickup type and input gain, and is best used as the first pedal in the chain. By adjusting the volume knob, the DTF can produce a range of sounds, from a relatively clean boosted signal to a trashy sounding faux-octave fuzz. Despite the high levels of gain possible with the DTF, users will find that the pedal is never lacking clarity and is useful in a wide variety of genres.