One of Danish manufacturer TC Electronic’s newest additions to their Toneprint pedal series is the Sub’n’up, an octave pedal that combines some of the best features of various octave pedals into one unit. This is a rather simple but great sounding stompbox that is all about blending: there are knobs to control the wet/dry, octave up, and both octave down voices. There is also a toggle switch to dance between monophonic and polyphonic mode, which works with chords.

We had a chance to check this pedal out at our Toronto 2016 Stompbox Exhibit (here’s the full board TC brought to the show): it tracks superbly well, and is equally at home on guitar or bass. TC Electronics’ proprietary Toneprint technology allows for optional modulation to be added to the pedal. With this, the pedal goes way beyond a standard octave effect.

Check out the demo below!