Mini Pedals

2021 UPDATE: The Best Dumble Pedals (or D-Style Overdrives)

Keeley Compressor Mini

FC07 Flamma Drive Mini Overdrive

New Pedal: Flamma FC05 Mod Mini Multi-Modulation Pedal

Pigtronix Space Rip Analog Synth

Rainger FX Bleep Fuzz

New Pedal: Becos FX Ziffer Overdrive

Hotone Soul Press II Wah/Expression Pedal

2021 UPDATE: Best Multi Reverb Pedals | Stereo and Mono

Now Shipping: Lil’ RAT Distortion (a Mini RAT!)

TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler

The 10 Best Mini Wah Pedals in 2021 – Compare Features and Prices