Electronic Audio Experiments Prismatic Wall

These days we rarely see effects pedals that do something that hasn’t been tried before, and the Electronic Audio Experiments Prismatic Wall seems to be exactly that kind of rare device.

It’s an effect that emulates the natural effect of sympathetic resonance that all musicians experience when they play loudly next to a string instrument and hear its strings vibrating, triggered by our notes. The Prismatic wall generates a similar effect of overtones and resonances, adding a delicate texture to your signal.

Using a variation of Karplus-Strong physical modeling, it spans four octaves and offers four modes for different interval spacings: Unison/Overtone, stacked Neutral Thirds (a quarter tone between major and minor), Stacked Fifths, and Chromatic, creating dense, atonal sounds.

The Drive knob adds edge to the signal, while Dampening darkens the sound and Decay adjusts the resonance from gentle to feedback.

On top of that, a built-in LFO with Rate and Amount controls adds modulation to Tune (default) or any parameter, with options for sine or random waveforms.

The Morph function with an Aux footswitch allows smooth transitions between two pedal states, while an expression pedal can be used to sweep between settings.

Check out the videos!

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