Vaderin Pedals Cherry Fuzz

The Vaderin Pedals Cherry Fuzz ‘Stainer was designed with one goal in mind: giving guitarists a fuzz full of sustain that cuts through a dense mix – and sounds good while at it.

Driven by a two-transistor circuit inspired by a late ’60s Muff Pi, the Cherry Fuzz features a Hi-Boost knob that lets you open up the sound by progressively adding presence and a mid hump, for a more in-your-face wall of fuzz.

The pedal cleans up nicely at low guitar level, producing usable lighter tones, while the Volume pushes enough decibels to get your amp to break up.

Hear the sounds of the Vaderin Pedals Cherry Fuzz ‘Stainer in the video below.

Finally a fuzz that cuts through! Equally as heavy as it is tart, the Cherry Fuzz ‘Stainer can rip right through the mix and still crush. Turning up the Hi-Boost knob allows you to articulate your signal’s top end, while the Fuzz control brings it from a tight square wave attack to a completely blown out fuzz tone. This pedal cleans up on a dime with your guitar’s volume knob rolled back and has a unique clean and low gain tone character.

The Cherry Fuzz ‘Stainer runs on a standard 9V center negative power supply and is the second custom audio machine from Vaderin Pedals located right outside of Philadelphia, PA USA.