Vaderin Super Ram Fuzz

The Vaderin Super Ram Fuzz is a heavily modified take on the Ram’s Head Fuzz, borrowing some of the Super Fuzz characteristic, while adding also an octave up blend and an adjustable gate.

The idea at the core of this pedal’s circuit is to have a Muff-style fuzz that holds its own as far as presence in a dense mix, with the added texture offered by the (adjustable) octave-up.

Check out how it sounds in the videos below.

Vaderin Super Ram Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Introducing the Super Ram – a heavily mutated ram’s head with an octave up blend and adjustable gate.

The goal here was to create a single device that merged and blended the best sounds from two of the most legendary pedals of all time – combing them into one more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts sonic profile.

The Super Ram takes the best parts of the Ram’s Head Muff and the Super Fuzz and mashes them up into one incredible fuzz monstrosity.