Vaderin Pedals Kroaked

The Vaderin Pedals Kroaked is an all-transistor 3-knob dirt-box that can go from pristine cleans to super-saturated and compressed distortion.

The LVL knob, when the other two controls are at zero, works as a clean boost. It’s not the output but a linear clean boost that precedes the pedal’s second gain stage, DRT. The latter, from 0 to 9 o’clock delivers a nuanced saturated tone full of even-order harmonics. Past 9’o clock things get a lot more noisy and intense…

The third knob, CMP, will make the sound more squashed and less dynamic the higher you set it, and it can deliver some saturated/squished tones when DRT is turned down.

Here are the first videos of the Vaderin Kroaked.

Vaderin Pedals Kroaked, Builder’s Notes

Articulate clean boost for guitar that can be pushed into compressed and supersaturated all-transistor distortion.

Goes from sparkly clean to gigantic bullfrog distortion causing rumbles and amp quakes.

All controls are highly interactive!

LEVEL: The clean boost level.

LVL is not the output volume, but a linear clean boost that precedes the pedal’s second gain stage.

DIRT: The distortion level and character.

DRT is the pedal’s second gain stage. Set at 0 to turn it off for a clean boost. From 0 to 9 o’clock, the signal begins to distort and has the greatest nuances in saturated even-order harmonics (crackle ok!). Turn DRT from 9’o clock onward for full blown destruction.

COMPRESSION: The squash.

Adjust to taste to even out your dynamics; squashing, boosting and adding distortion to your signal. CMP is not a “true” compressor, but has the perceived effect when adjusted. Try this control with DRT turned off and LVL set to taste for saturated/squished tones.