Vaderin Pedals Radio Dirtman Fuzz/Drive

The Vaderin Pedals Radio Dirtman is a hybrid fuzz/drive pedal by a Philly-based company, and, although it’s not mentioned in the name, this is a v2 of an existing circuit featuring an expanded Tone control that’s more useable, wide-ranging, and sweet-sounding, in particular on the lower end of the frequency spectrum.

Built using the best components, including metal can 2N1711 transistors, silver mica caps and 5% poly film caps for the tone control, this is at its heart an overdrive circuit that can be turned into a sputtery/velcroy fuzz when the Bias control (which starves the circuit) is set to lower levels.

Hear how it sounds in the video of our friend Noise Generator.

Vaderin Pedals Radio Dirtman, Builder’s Notes

Radio Dirtman is a versatile fuzz/drive based on the Dirt Transmitter circuit.

My updated take builds on the original circuit with an expanded Tone control to cover a wider frequency range while still preserving the same midrange settings as the original. Far more low end can be dialed in on one end of the sweep than with the original, allowing for more low end overall.

The components have been carefully selected including metal can 2N1711 transistors (like the original), silver mica caps and 5% poly film caps for the tone control. All electrolytic caps are high quality Nichicon.