Third Man Hardware Donner Triple Threat
Third Man Hardware and Donner have collaborated to make The Triple Threat, an analog multi-effects pedal that features three different effects: distortion, phaser, and echo. It is designed for beginner guitar players who want to experiment with various sounds and styles.

The pedal was inspired by Donner’s Alpha series pedals, which were released in 2017 and caught the attention of Jack White, the founder of Third Man Hardware and the lead singer of the White Stripes. White wanted to create an affordable pedal that would offer quality, versatility, and value to novice musicians. He worked with Donner to design and manufacture the Triple Threat, which combines three analog circuits into one metal enclosure.

The first effect is a high gain distortion, which has volume, gain, and tone controls to shape a powerful rock sound. The second effect is a phaser, which is based on the Pearl Tremor pedal by Donner and has extended mod controls to create a classic sweeping effect. The third effect is an echo, which is derived from the Yellow Fall Delay, Donner’s first pedal from 2013, and has a warm analog tone and rich feedback.

The Triple Threat can be used for various genres and styles of music, except for opera, according to White. He praised the three effects for their performance and durability, and said that the pedal would fit well on his pedal board. The pedal also has a distinctive appearance, with Third Man Hardware’s signature patterns, such as lightning bolts, stripes, and diagrams, on the panel and the sides. The pedal has a simple control layout, a true bypass switch, and a standard 9V DC power jack.