amechanger Audio Mod

If one thing can be said about the folks at Gamechanger Audio is that they don’t do normal, and their recently unveiled new products confirm that habit: a stereo, semi-modular pedal series called Mod with a dynamic angle.

The Latvian company unveiled three pedals (Chorus, Reverb and Delay) that, just like modular synth modules, not only allow the player to expand their effect palette through a combination of internal connectivity (via 1/8th patches), but also to interact with each other in ways regular pedals can’t.

Also, each pedal features two performance-controlled modulation sources:

  1. The Dynamics tracker captures the volume subtleties of your playing.
  2. TheĀ Pitch tracker detects the notes you are playing including bends and vibratos

Through the patch panel located in the center of the pedals, the player can assign either of these trackers to trigger specific effect parameters. This allows the player to trigger new effects just by playing, without having to push any buttons or rely on any automation.

Check out the demo to get a better idea of what the Gamechanger Audio Mod Series pedals can do.