TC Electronic Magus Pro

After the acquisition by Behringer’s Music Group, Danish pedal builder TC Electronic has been slowly changing its focus from high-end, highly creative stompboxes to super-affordable, bread and butter releases, for the despair of the company’s old fans and the joy of a wider demographic of guitar players.

The new Magus Pro Distortion, with its jaw-dropping price tag of $59, marks the trajectory of future releases in conjunction with last month’s unveiling of the Skysurfer Mini Reverb: the two pedals share the same 3-knob / 1-toggle switch in mini case format, and you can rest assured that more pedals using this same configuration will be released in the upcoming months.

Unlike the Skysurfer Mini, though, the Magus is an original (analog) circuit, using what’s presented as a “Slow Slew Circuitry” (more about this in the notes at the bottom) with three clipping modes: a high distortion pedal with three clipping modes – you can check the sound of each by clicking on the links below:

The Filter knob is a hi-cut filter that lets the player tailor the tone’s top-end bite.

Here’s the company’s video of the TC Electronic Magus Pro.

P.S. We’d like to encourage TC Electronic to find the budget to commission videos by some independent videographers.

Classic High Gain Distortion Pedal with Fat Mids, Treble Filter Control and 3 Clipping Modes

Versatile Classic Analog Distortion
Versatile Classic Analog Distortion
If you’ve ever needed a Classic Analog High Gain Distortion Pedal but been unable to find one with enough versatility to suit any scenario, the MAGUS PRO will be a very welcome surprise for you. Its slow slew rate, treble filter control and three different modes of operation provide more than enough variance in approach and tone to compliment any playing style.

Slow Slew Circuitry

We’ve specially designed a circuit to recreate the classic slow slew of the infamous LM308 op-amp using readily available modern components. By keeping the slew rate slow, harsh unwanted harmonic overtones and interference are eliminated, leaving you with a smooth layer of pure distortion whilst cranking the gain.

Filter That Treble to Your Needs

One particularly distinctive feature of the MAGUS PRO is the Treble Filter control. It’s an extremely effective Hi-cut filter, allowing you to totally tailor y