R2R Electric MKI Pro Fuzz

Sporting not one but three Germanium transistors (for the circuit geeks, the OC75, 2G308, 2G378B) the R2R Electric MKI Pro Fuzz is a compact version of the company’s MKI Tone Bender clone, the MKI Fuzz, with a few extra features, made entirely using vintage and NOS parts hand-wired point to point.

The new feature is a toggle switch that gives access to a new¬†Zonk Mode, that – according to YouTuber Edge of Breakup – delivers a “more angular and texturally quirky kind of fuzz.

Here’s how it sounds. This pedal is mentioned in our article about the best Tone Bender clone and variants.

R2R Electric MKI Pro Fuzz, Builder Notes

The MKI Professional is a pedalboard friendly version of my MKI Fuzz, with a few expanded features

?These pedals are still 100% vintage & NOS parts, hardwired point-to-point on eyelet board.

Added features include a MKI / Zonk Machine switch, 9v dc jack, led on/off indicator & pulldown resistors to eliminate pops when switching

Each MKI Pro Features:

  • 3x germanium transistors
  • *OC75, 2G308, 2G378B when supplies allow
  • *OC71, 2G308, 2G308
  • 1960’s CTS or Stackpole 500k & 50K potentiometers
  • Hunts / Sprague Input capacitors
  • NOS ERO KT1801 .1uf capacitors
  • NOS Piher & Allen-Bradley resistors
  • True-bypass footswitch w/ pulldown resistors
  • Replica Zonk Machine Knobs

*Due to the design of this vintage fuzz circuit, these pedals work best placed first in your signal chain. These units do not work well with buffers or buffered bypass pedals going into the input. This will cause the effect to sound thin with a significant volume drop*