High-Gain Distortion

2024 UPDATE! The Best Distortion Pedals | A Buyer’s Guide

Updated Pedal: Holy Island Tides V2 Reverb > Distortion

2023 Best Plexi Pedals & Marshall-Style Distortions: a Buyer’s Guide

Fuzzrocious Lil Fella Overdrive/Distortion

Horrothia FX TEETH Discrete Low-Gain Overdrive

Old Blood Noise Excess V2 Distortion + Modulation

New Pedal: Blammo! + Dirty Haggard Deth Pedal Distortion

Frost Giant Electronics The Mountain V2

JPTR FX Warlow Fuzz

New Pedal: Catalinbread Carbide Distortion

Electro-Harmonix Hell Melter

Fuzzlord Drone Master Distortion