Crazy Tube Circuits High Power

The Crazy Tube Circuits High Power is a David Gilmour “Wish You Were Here”-era inspired pedal, combining variants of two units the Pink Floyd guitarist adopted in that phase of his career: the Colorsound Power Boost and the (now ultra-rare) Hiwatt DR103 AP amp – each with its separate footswitch.

The Colorsound variant is hosted on the right side and it features the same BC184 transistors running on 18V DC found in the original. As evident from the controls, the builder added a few extra features, like a 2-band Baxandall EQ, a bypassable master volume, a reverse-log gain control, and a toggle switch that engages a boost circuit found in the original pedal delivering higher gain and lower headroom.

The left side features an authentic six-knob amp-in-a-box emulation the Hiwatt amp. including the full 3-way EQ section and presence toggle, which also has three settings. From what we understand, the left footswitch lets you select between the full frequency response of the normal channel of the amplifier, the increased presence and tight low end of the bright channel input or the enhanced frequency response and added gain of those inputs linked together. The switch next to it (named 103 / 504) gives you two headroom options simulating the sound of the amp at 50w and 100w.

The pedal also features an FX Loop that lets you insert a chain of external effects between the two channels.