Flamma FS05

After writing of the other Flamma stereo, multi-mode, extremely affordable pedals, we kind of saw this one coming: a multi-modulation unit with 11 modes (from the classic to the experimental) storable in 7 presets.

The controls couldn’t be simpler, with fixed Rate and Depth knobs and two extra controls whose function varies according to the selected mode.

Here’s the list of modes:

  1. Chorus
  2. Feedback
  3. Tremolo
  4. Phaser
  5. Vibrato
  6. Rotary
  7. Liquid
  8. Autowah
  9. Stutter
  10. Ring Mod
  11. Bit Crusher

This baby currently sells for $68, which is an insanely competitive price. Hear how it sounds in the video below.

We added the Flamma FS05 to our list of Best Multi-Modulation Pedals.