Ground Control Audio Locust

We covered Montreal’s Ground Control Audio back in 2017 in this manufacturer profile, but the company has been adding several new pedals since then.

However, the Locust is one of the builder’s earliest designs.

This fuzz pushes discrete silicon amplification into loud and sluggish distortion territory. The two mid-notch depth modes and tone controls will enable you to dial in ear-piercing highs for lead parts just as well as deep, dark and swarmy growls for heavy rhythmic riffing while, on low gain modes, the Locust will still give you solid, warm overdriven tones.

Check out the latest video of the Ground Control Audio Locust Fuzz by JR Ronquillo.

The Locust is the sonic opposite of a hug. It’s meant to be played as loud as you can. It could possibly be used to render an assailant incapacitated. The Locust is best used with heavier or noisier genres. It is not gentle, we warned you.

The Locust is built on a chain of silicon bipolar transistor gain stages and features a very flexible mid-notch tone stack that can be tweaked to your liking, always retaining its guttural character.