Suhr Discovery Analog Delay

Analog delay pedals where the signal id controlled and affected through digital means have been around for some time, but, until today, no pedal builder has created an analog echo with functionality as deep as the one found in digital delay workstations offered by companies like Strymon, Eventide or BOSS. Short of not being a multi-mode pedal, the Discovery Analog Delay by Suhr gets very close to that level of editing depth and routing compatibility.

A fully featured delay with modulation built around four MN3005 Bucket Brigade Devices, the Discovery was launched with the best possible catch phrase, proclaimed by none other than Pete Thorn in the first demo video: “The Best Analog Pedal Ever.” Although tone is always a subjective matter, the endorsement of a serious guitarist like Pete matters a lot, here’s an excerpt from his video:

…at least equal if not better than any other analog delay that I have ever played, but with more headroom and more fidelity […] and it doesn’t have any of the unpleasent artifacts that  a lot of analog pedals that I’ve played before have.

So that’s about the Discovery’ tone. The rest is features, and this baby won’t disappoint in that department either:

Five knobs control the delay, including Regen, Lo Cut and High Cut (besides your regular  Mix, Time and Speed). The modulation section gives you the choice of three waveform (triangle, sine and square) and offers controls for Depth and Speed.

Needless to say, the two filters and the modulation open up a ton of sonic options that most analog pedals don’t offer – from the subtle to the “out there.”

Tap Tempo, 5 subdivisions, up to 127 Presets, Exp In assignable to any parameter and full Midi compatibility round up the Suhr Discovery’s impressive features.

Have a listen to it in the video below – we added it to our article about the Best Analog Delay Pedals.

Retaining the tone, vibe, and creative inspiration of iconic analog delay units, yet adding the versatility of the most modern and expandable delay pedals available today.

Analog Evolved
The warm, rich, unmistakable tone of an all-analog signal path with the control of the most modern, feature-filled pedals of today.
Built on 4 reissued versions of the MN3005 Bucket Brigade analog delay chips, we sought out to achieve what no other analog delay on the market could, the ability to shape and control your delay in any way you wish. All savable to 127 presets.

Modern Control
With an intelligent Tap-Tempo that averages your last four taps, the Discovery Delay can help you really nail your tempo. 127 savable presets, allow you to save your favorite sounds and settings and recall them at the drop of a hat when using the Bypass and Tap-Tempo to instantly recall your presets.

Shape Discovery’s Tone
The Filter Section of the Discovery gives you utmost control to shape where your delay sits in the mix of your overall sound. With the Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut knobs, you can shave off bass or treble from your repeats. This will take you from thick, full delay fatness to the crisp, high-end of a dub-style echo.

Ultimate Expression
The sounds and possibilities can be limitless when you plug in an expression pedal to the Discovery. All knobs can be mapped to the expression pedal with a custom sweep for each one. A different mapping can be saved to each preset. From simply speeding up the delay time for those classic ‘tape-ramp’ tones, to getting an infinite regen/freeze sound to fill an expansive space.

The Modulation control on Discovery allows you to capture the warble and flutter of a vintage analog delay, as well as give you the ability to get a modern space-aged chorus, all the way to classic Leslie-style speed shifts. You can even change the waveform of your modulation from triangle, sine and square waves.

Expand With MIDI
The Discovery has full MIDI capabilities from things as simple as switching between your saved presets, to fitting into a complex live MIDI set-up where you need full control of every parameter.
Discovery has 5-pin in and out/thru can even send Program Changes (PCs) to your other pedals that accept MIDI. Whether you have a MIDI controller or you are switching with you DAW in your studio, the Discovery is the most simple solution in any situation.