Westminster Spurgeon Reverb V2

South Carolina’s boutique builder Westminster Effects unveiled a new version of their flexible digital reverb with modulation, the Spurgeon.

Enclosed in a compact case, the Westminster Spurgeon V2’s algorithms allow the creation of a variety of different ambiances thanks to the two-way Voice toggle, which delivers a classic spring-like effect in the down position, and washy plate and hall tones in the upper one.

The Regen knob is somewhat peculiar here, feeding the higher frequencies back into the circuit for a modulation effect ranging from subtle to insane.

Westminster Spurgeon Reverb V2, Builder’s Notes

Visit many good tones, but live in the versatile ambience of the Spurgeon Reverb V2. The Spurgeon Reverb V2 covers all sorts for ground – from classic spring to washy plate and hall tones – with the flick of a switch. Along with the traditional Mix, Tone, and Decay controls, the Spurgeon V2 features a Regen knob, which feeds the higher frequencies back into the circuit for subtle modulation to enormous oscillation.