Keyzone WahouWah
Keyztone is a French company that came to relevance in 2019 with a pedal that modeled the pickup tone from different guitars. They are now working on a new idea that is currently in development/crowdsourcing: the WahouWah.

The Wahouwah is an analog pedal that can be configured through an app to do several things

  1. to have a pedal able to recreate the tone of any wah out there
  2. transform your wah pedal into a boost or volume/expression pedal
  3. provide additional LFO effects like Autowah, Tremolowah and Auto-volume

You can store your settings in onboard 6 presets, and infinite presets in the app’s library.

The pedal itself doesn’t have any knobs, just three footswitches to change presets and a Bypass one, while the app features

  • 4 Wah Analog Filter Modes (Normal Wah, Hard Wah, Soft Wah, No Wah)
  • controls for Frequency, Q Factor and Level
  • Dry Level fader

As mentioned, this pedal connects to your regular wah and extends its sonic possibilities. To do so, you need to calibrate it through a simple process, and the app also provides stroke and linearity adjustments for fine-tuning the response.

This is definitely an original pedal that does something no other device can do. Here are the first demos of the Keyztone Wahouwah.

The WahouWah is a unique pedal for guitar and bass guitar players who are looking for Wah versatility and new creative tones. With our patent pending wah detection system, plug your wah pedal and/or your expression pedal into the WahouWah and get an incomparable guitar expressiveness.

All is ANALOG excepted the way you configure the pedal. Keyztone provides a simple and very complete mobile application (smartphone and tablette) to perform unlimited possibilites of the Wahouwah pedal (Android, IOS).


All the Wah tones in a pedal.
• Choose, change, load, save your preset
• Extended bandwidth for sub and harmonic effects
• Configure the toe and heel response.

Transform your wah pedal into a volume or boost pedal.

• AutoWah, TremoloWha, AutoVolume
• 4 Wah analog filters : Normal Wah, Hard Wah, Soft Wah, No Wah
• Blend options (mix the dry signal with the wah signal)
• Original Bypass solutions
• Stroke and linearity adjustment
• Easy external pedal calibration
• Up to 6 presets saved in the pedal
• Infinite preset library
• Analog – Full audio signal
• Low noise conception