Caroline Crom Fuzz

We somehow missed this advance, Black Friday 2021 release by Caroline Guitar of Crom, a fuzz pedal based on the old Supa Tone Benders and Muff style pedals that inspired the company’s now discontinued Olympia fuzz.

Engineered for a fuller midrange, the Crom features two voicings delivering different gain range and frequency responses.

Originally created as a limited edition release, the Crom is now part of the regular Caroline roster and it’s available for shipping.

Caroline Crom, Builders Notes

What is more powerful: the pedal, or the mighty foot of the player who steps upon it?
For years we have had players ask us if our pedals are appropriate for use in praise and worship settings. We have considered such a question blasphemous, as Crom is an angry deity who lives inside a mountaintop, who doesn’t concern himself with the matters of mere mortals, and cannot be bothered to hear their pleas for help, their prayers for vengeance, or anything that might resemble a song of praise or devotion.

CROM is a BC184 Supa Tone Bender style fuzzstortion like our original Olympia™, but with a classic tweed amp style tone control (MOUNTAIN) that interacts with the SWORD (gain) control. It is a LOT less lossy and less scooped than the classic M*ff style tone control in these circuits, giving the pedal an immediate and punchy response. A TURBO button on the side gives it extra power and gain.