Old Blood Noise Flat Light

With its latest feature-packed pedal, the Flat Light textural flange shifter, Old Blood Noise Endeavors built an effect on the foundation of flanging.

Unlike traditional flangers, the Flat Light has three modes that enhance the effect with delay, modulation and pitch shifting, each of which can be selected from the pedal’s three-position Mode switch.

The Flat Light has controls for Rate, Depth and Mix, as well as a Shift knob that governs a different parameter depending on the selected mode.

Those modes include:

  • Echo, which adds reverb-like delay to the flange effect
  • Resonate, which creates familiar “jet-like” flanger sounds
  • Detune, which introduces pitch shifting up or down one octave

In Echo mode, Shift controls delay time, while Depth sets the amount of resonance. In Resonate mode, Shift controls the amount of feedback, allowing you to create the traditional “metallic” tones heard in classic flangers. In Detune mode, Shift determines the degree of pitch shifting introduced, from one octave down to one octave up, including pitches in between.

The Flat Light also has an Expression input for easy external control of Rate or Shift. Expression controls Shift by default, but it can be changed to govern Rate by changing an internal switch.

Finally, there’s a momentary Tilt switch that lets you max out the selected Expression parameter.

Check out the Old Blood Noise Flat Light’s sounds and features in the videos below. And visit Old Blood Noise Endeavors for more information.