Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best analog delay pedals. For coverage of all delay types go to our Best Delay Pedals article – you may also want to see our Best Tape Delay Pedals Article, featuring similar effects.

Best Analog Delay Pedals

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Delay has become one of the most common effects on guitarists’ pedalboards, even if it is available in an uncommonly diverse number of flavors. Not only are there dozens of pedals to choose from, but the range of features on offer can be overwhelming: everything can be found from simple analog echo boxes to advanced devices that deliver multiple types of vintage and modern delay.

Many guitarists are looking for a delay to help them beef up their tone or create simple “echo-y” effects, and plenty of analog effects do a great job of delivering these things.

Bucket Brigade Devices: Analog Sweetness

The word “analog” and the unmissable adjective it comes with, “warm,” still resonate among many players when applied to the delay realm. All analog pedals are based on the famed Bucket Brigade Device chip (aka BBD), an analog device that, due to its noise on the high frequencies, forces pedal manufacturers to employ an eq roll-off to hide those artifacts, hence its “warm” sound – as opposed to the cristal clear one digital delay can deliver.

In an analog delay, the more BBD chips in the circuit, the longer the repeats can last, which is why the pedals in the following lists that can deliver higher delay times are more expensive (and also the reason why stereo analog delay stompboxes are rare).

Modulation as Tape Emulation

The main delay technology before BBD was tape echo machines. Since humans tend to grow fond of the character of old technology, many builders add a modulation circuit applied to the delay’s repeats to emulate the fluctuation created by old tape echos. However, we have a separate article about pedals intentionally designed to simulate a tape echo, comprising almost exclusively digital circuits.

What’s Better, Analog or Digital Delay?

The answer to this question is all about taste, and evolving with the increasing power of processors. Analog delay has a warmth and a character that purely digital delay lack. The latter thought offers a pristine sound that no analog delay can match. This being said modern DSP-based delay nowadays can successfully simulate the “analog imperfections” so many musicians seek for their tone. 


After hours of online research, to facilitate the process of finding the best analog delay pedal for your needs, we decided to organize this article into three categories:

Best Analog Delay Pedals with 1-4 knobs
Best Advanced Analog Delays (small case)
Best Stereo Delays
Best Advanced Analog Delays (larger footprint)

The lists in this article are based on the ratings of each pedal from various online music stores

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• Analog Delays with 1-4 knobs (no Tap Tempo)

Some guitarists don’t need tap tempo, time subdivision, or other frills—just a basic analog, mono delay pedal that can deliver a wide array of delays for styles ranging from rockabilly to reggae to hard rock. If this is you, this next interactive list will give you several quality options for what you are looking for.

Top Choice: MXR Carbon Copy
MXR Carbon Copy

$149 | Click image for video | Sweetwater | Zzounds | Thomann | Amazon | Reverb

A very popular, rich-sounding, three-knob analog delay based on the classic bucket brigade technology. It features up to 600ms of delay time with optional modulation controlled by two internal trim pots for width and rate. The Regen knobs control the number of repeats (often referred to as “Feedback” in other delays).

Our Thoughts: There’s a very pleasant something about the way this pedal sounds (call it “warmth” or whatever you wish) and the way its repeats blend within the arrangement just in the right way, which epitomizes the beauty of analog. The modulation button is a great feature to add even more character to your sound.

Pros: Great Bucket Brigade Device sound at an affordable price; modulation option a plus. Cons: Not for tweakers.

Here are other effects in this “bread-and-butter” category, in order of preference.

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Boss DM 2W Waza Craft
Based on the vintage Boss DM-2, the 2W introduces switchable sound modes and greater versatility, with Custom mode offering a cleaner analog tone with over twice the available delay time (800ms). It features an expression pedal input to control the rate and a direct out.

Way Huge Aqua-Puss MkIII
With its original, bigger brother selling used for a small fortune, this mini version of this analog delay could be considered a bargain, although its maximum delay time is only 300ms. It definitely does the job of adding depth and dimension to your tone, with an overall brighter flavor than most BBD-based echos. It gets wild at high feedback settings, triggering self-oscillation.

Electro-Harmonix Memory Toy
An affordable, streamlined version of the legendary Memory Man, this is a delay with lush sound and basic controls that also includes a modulation mode that adds a touch of chorus. Up to 550ms of delay, among the shortest in this list.

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail
This is the only delay in this list to feature a modulation that can be controlled through the two smaller knobs (rate and depth). It also has an effect loop in/out that can be used to connect other pedals or to send the signal to two different amps.  Its Bucket Brigade chip gives you the usual rich, vintage-y tone with up to 600ms of delay.

Ibanez Analog Delay Mini
Features two smaller knobs for Repeat and Blend, and a significantly larger Delay Time knob in the middle. The range of delay time is 20ms to 600ms. True bypass switching provides the shortest, most direct signal path, as well as the cleanest tone. 100% Analog Circuitry allows for the warmth of tone that players desire from analog delays. – see other Mini Delay pedals here.

Jam Pedal Delay Lama MkI
A truly boutique, hand-made pedal, this effect features a straightforward design and delivers up to 600ms of delay. It’s particularly loved by musicians for its slapback effect.

NUX Analog Delay
Even just the color of this Analog Delay betrays the influence of classic Ibanez / Maxon three-knob Bucket Brigade Device delays from the ’80s. That’s exactly what you get with this pedal: the warm repeats of the 3205 and 3102 BBD chips, for just under $60!

Maxon AD-999 Delay
A great sounding delay, but not the most affordable option out there, maybe because it features eight custom Bucket Brigade IC’s for 900ms of warm, organic analog tone. Its repeats feature a slightly overdriven tonality that sits perfectly behind dirty tones and adds depth and dimension to clean sounds.  See also the more affordable Maxon AD-10 (600ms delay).

TC Electronic Echobrain
One of the most affordable bucket brigade delays on the market, this stompbox gets the job done with three knobs (Time, Repeats and Mix) and up to 300ms of delay, but gets mixed online reviews.

Xvive Echoman
An analog mini delay designed by the same electrical engineer who created the all-time classic EHX Memory Man Deluxe. Features two Xvive proprietary BBD3005 chips, giving you up to 600ms of delay time with no aliasing distortion and added modulation.

Gamma Narcissus Warm Delay [Guitar Center Exclusive] An all-metal, entry-level, three-knob analog delay with controls for Level (which is a dry/wet blend), Echoes (setting the repeats) and Time. It’s based on the classic Princeton PT2399 bucket-brigade circuit that darkens the timbre of the echoes with each repeat.

Pigtronix Emanator
Based on legendary high-voltage MN3005 BBD chips that were out of production since the mid-’80s. The high voltage allows this mini, limited edition analog delay to have higher headroom than other analog delay pedals, without compromising the signature warmth of the BBD chip. The repeats can go as high as 600ms, controlled by 3 straightforward knobs for Time, Mix, and Repeats.

Flattley Nirvana
A high-end analog delay made in the UK that delivers repeats ranging from 50ms to 620ms, with a feedback knob that goes from zero to infinite. The tone control allows tailoring the EQ of the repeats to taste, while the Volume knob is a nice extra not found in most other pedals in this list.

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• Advanced Analog Delays (smaller footprint)

If a basic echo pedal is too spartan for your needs, check out these analog stompboxes, which, within a smallish format, boast additional features for creative sonic manipulation, such as multi-tap delay, modulation, tap tempo and low-frequency oscillators that can emulate the pitch fluctuations of vintage tape-based delays. In this category, you’ll find some of the best boutique delay pedals on the market in compact format.

Top Choice: Electro-Harmonix Nano Deluxe Memory Man

$213 | Click image for video | Sweetwater | Zzounds | Thomann | Reverb

The Memory Man line of delays is nothing short of legendary, featuring many variations (including streamlined versions replacing the word “Man” with “Boy” or “Toy“), the first of which dates back to 1976. It’s a pedal that’s been a source of inspiration for hordes of guitarists, in particular those with psychedelic leanings, who love to abuse the pitch-shift effects on the repeats you get when changing the delay rate when the feedback is maxed out.

This Nano Deluxe version, released in 2022, packs all the goods of the classic (much larger) Deluxe in a compact enclosure. You get a delay with modulation offering repeat times from 30mS up to 550mS. The modulation section is controllable via a Depth and Rate knob, while an internal switch turns Tails on and off.

Our Thoughts: This is a true and tried evergreen analog delay circuit, and the fact that it now takes less than half the footprint of the original version makes it ever so relevant – although it lacks Tap Tempo functionality. It’s a little pricier than your basic three-knob delay, but those extra few controls allow for a wider sonic range and also… extra fun! Like the other pedals in this line, the modulation section sounds particularly good and sets it apart, while the new Overload LED is a helpful addition if you want to keep things clean or add a little saturation. To some, it sounds a little brighter than the vintage units and produces subtle closing noises at longer repeats (which is normal with BBD chips).

Pros: A previously bulky classic in a compact case. Overload LED helpful addition. Cons: No tap tempo; it gets a little noisy on longer delay settings.

Here’s a list of other valid alternatives in this category.

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Chase Bliss Audio Thermae
A pedal that digitally manipulates the pitch of an analog signal path created by 4 re-issued versions of the BBD chip. This allows creating delays with repeats playing at different intervals, opening up innumerable harmonizing options. Intervals can be sequenced automatically, or triggered manually. It can also be used as a more standard analog, modulated delay.

Jam Pedals Delay Llama Mk3
Mk3 of this highly regarded 3-knob analog effect delivering up to 600ms of delay got Tap Tempo and 3 subdivision switch added to it. You can also set the bypass mode to trails (buffered) or true bypass. These improvements don’t affect the circuit’s tone, loved by many guitarists and based on a faithful reproduction of the Panasonic MN3205 chip.

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy (see also Memory Boy Deluxe)
A mid-size, “lighter” version of the classic (and huge) Memory Man, with up to 550ms of delay time and selectable Chorus or Vibrato modulation with triangle or square waveforms. The Memory Boy Deluxe adds Tap Tempo footswitch, subdivisions, additional Rate control for modulation, a Gain knob and allows control via Expression pedal of four parameters.

Mythos Oracle
Inspired by the somewhat dark, warm sound of vintage Japanese echo pedals, the Mythos Oracle is a simple 3-knob delay with Tap Tempo, built around two reissue MN3205 chips. The repeats can go up to 600ms (which can stretch even further if you use the Tap Tempo to dial in the time setting – causing the typical degradation produced by BBD at longer settings).

Maestro Discoverer Delay
An intuitive analog 20ms to 600ms delay reissue of the Maestro pedal from the early ’60s, with controls for Delay, Sustain and Mix. The modulation section, activated via a toggle switch, features internal trim pots for Rate (speed) and Width (sweep range) and can produce from tape-like wow and flutter to more pronounced pitch-shifting effects.

Supro 1313 Delay
A four-knob, one-footswitch BBD 30-600ms, vintage-sounding delay with a 3-mode expression pedal input (assignable to Level, Time, or Repeats through the three-way toggle switch). The high-voltage MN3005 IC provides increased headroom. A Filter knob provides both low-pass and band-pass functions on a single knob, delivering both the dark and murky echoes associated with BBD delays as well as more modern bright tones.

JHS Panther Cub V2
Discontinued in May 2021, it uses eight Bucket Brigade chips for a maximum 1 full second of delay with modulation and separate tap tempo. The latest version includes Wet Mix, smoother oscillation and run-away and an active EQ.

Teisco Delay
A rugged (and great looking!) analog delay with modulation that can deliver anything from subtle to extreme tones.

TC Electronic Bucket Brigade
A rather standard but very affordable mini analog delay with a modulation switch and four knobs for depth, volume, delay and feedback (the modulation’s speed can be controlled through a trim pot on the bottom of the case). The delay’s repetitions can go up to 600ms, while the modulation can deliver chorus or flanger effects.

Bondi Art Van
A tap tempo enabled analog delay + modulation pedal inspired by the delays of the late ’70s and early ’80s. It also features a subdivision function and self-oscillation by holding the Tap Tempo switch. holding the Bypass footswitch gives access to two presets. It’s also Midi Compatible and features an Expression Output.

CKK Electronic Fluid Time MK II
A more affordable take on the BBD delay with digital controls. DUAL TIME mode lets you set up 2 fixed delay times, and toggle between them. TAKE OFF mode gives you a special increased feedback momentary swell. STEP OVER delivers a strange effect with pitch-shifting modulation perfect for your sci-fi moments.  Other functions include Six Tempo Subdivisions and Dry Kill, and extensive connectivity including CV In.

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• Stereo Analog Delays

Stereo analog delays are quite rare, mostly because they require a lot of components (whose cost adds up to make the final product rather expensive) and space to host them all. This being said, in the 2020s this niche of the market has seen some impressive new entries with features nothing short of jaw-dropping. In all likelihood, there will be more to follow.

Top Choice: BOSS DM-101
boss 1

$213 | Click image for video | Sweetwater | Zzounds | Thomann | Amazon | Reverb

Released in 2023, the BOSS DM-101 is an incredibly powerful analog delay pedal that embraces new trends in the stompbox industry, offering plenty of features including stereo, presets, Tap Tempo, modulation, and trails functionality, as well as a multi-mode approach normally reserved for digital devices. It provides 12 widely varied modes of analog delay with distinct flavors and functions. Some of these modes, such as Classic, Vintage, and Modern, offer subtle differences in warm, retro, and clear tones, all featuring the option of adding modulation to the repeats. The other nine modes (including exotic options like Multi-Head, Ambient, Pattern, and Pan) expand the possibilities of analog delay beyond the conventional BBD limitations, delivering a boatload of inspiring tones.

Our Thoughts: This pedal is nothing short of a game changer in the niche of analog delays, thanks to its innovative circuit utilizing EIGHT (!!!) Bucket Brigade Devices at the core of the old analog technology in creative ways previously only allowed in the digital domain. Digitally controlled analog was done before, but never quite like this. The twelve modes offer an exhaustive palette of tones bound to satisfy both the tone purists and the adventurous musicians, whether they play guitar, keyboard, or any other instrument with a plug. Many of the more creative modes leverage the stereo output (the input is mono, though), offering an assist to sound designers and other composers interested in textural and ambient soundscapes.

Pros: The most creative and flexible analog delay pedal out there. Cons: Quite expensive, mono in.

Below you can find several other stereo analog delays.

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Walrus Audio Meraki
A super-tweakable stereo analog delay with modulation delivering repeats up to 1200 ms per channel. It has 3 stereo modes (Parallel, Ping Pong and Series) allowing separate feedback settings per channel, and a desynch mode that allows to use the two channels with completely different settings (dual mode). The second footswitch triggers momentary oscillation. It also features Tap Tempo with subdivisions, Expression Input and Midi Integration.

J. Rockett Clockwork
An analog stereo echo + modulation with Tap Tempo designed by the original creator of the Deluxe Memory Man. The modulation section has its own footswitch and can deliver chorus, rotating speaker and even flange sounds with very short delay settings. Expression pedal inputs can control Time and Repeats.

Flower Pedals Dahlia
An impressive release by a boutique US builder: a compact, stereo/dual analog delay with 3 modes of operation (Stereo, Parallel and Series) and 3 LFO waves for the modulation. This, together with the momentary ramp effect, can be edited in depth thanks to 3 alternate knob function each. Midi compatibility and time lock function round up the features.

VS Audio Project Diana
A stereo BBD full analog audio delay, featuring six different individual modes, tape-like modulation, tap-tempo functionality and up to 550ms delay time. Each knob is controlled by a small microprocessor while your guitar signal stays 100% analog. This allows you to control, save and recall multiple delay tones instantly.

• Feature-Rich Analog Delays (mono, bigger footprint)

A bigger case allows (in most cases) extra features. These are more sizeable guitar pedals that also push the envelope of what an analog delay can do.

Top Choice: MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe

$213 | Click image for video | Sweetwater | Zzounds | Thomann | Amazon | Reverb

The Carbon Copy Deluxe is an expanded version of the classic Carbon copy with more delay time (1200ms), two preset slots, tap tempo and subdivisions. It also sports a bright switch and exposed control for the modulation section (they were internal trim pots in the original). It sports a couple of useful internal trim pots, one to make it 100% wet (Dry Kill) and the other to change the impedance from instrument to line level (which makes it work better with synths and as an outboard mixing effect). The Expression input lets you control the delay time remotely.

Our Thoughts: For those who like the sound of analog delay but want to have the modulation add-on and need longish repeats, it doesn’t get much better than this pedal. The “regular” warm sound of the Carbon series has been proven a winner, and this device adds a new bright mode that can be very useful in specific sonic contexts. The extra tweakability in the modulation and line-in compatibility make it even more flexible for the creative and recording guitarist.

Pros: A classic delay, with more functions – what can go wrong? Cons: The Mix control has a small range, and some don’t like how close the knobs are to each other.

Below you can find several other advanced analog delays in bigger cases.

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MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe
An expanded version of the classic Carbon copy with more delay time (1200ms), presets, tap tempo and subdivisions. It also sports and bright switch and exposed control for the modulation section (they were internal trim pots in the original).

DOD Rubberneck
Over a second of analog repeats with tap-tempo, subdivisions, and tails. Double concentric knobs give you independent control of the Mod, Rate, Depth, Gain, and Tone of the delay. Double footswitches allow for extended features like user customizable momentary control of oscillation and momentary control of the dizzying pitch sweep.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
A modern reissue (still in a rather large case) of this iconic and musical analog delay with up to 550ms of delay and a modulation section offering Chorus and Vibrato tones – and a Depth control to set the intensity. The 24v power supply contributes to its incredible headroom. A useful Overload LED blinks when the input circuit is distorting.

Way Huge Supa-Puss
Fully featured modulated analog delay with Tap Tempo, subdivisions, and several fine-tuning options, including Tone and Mix knobs and EXP In. The “out there” Chase mode gets your repeats to cycle through each of the subdivision values. Holding the Tap Tempo button enables trail mode.

Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
A simple, warm-sounding yet creative analog delay featuring a subtle random modulation that adds a vintagey tape feel to its repeats. Full CV and Expression connectivity allows control of Time and Feedback values from external sources.

Suhr Discovery
Not cheap at $549, but one of the best-sounding delays on the market and certainly the most fully featured, it runs on four BBD chips. Five knobs control the delay, with Regen, Lo Cut and High Cut allowing for extensive sonic exploration. The modulation section gives you the choice of three waveforms (triangle, sine and square) and offers controls for Depth and Speed. It has also Tap Tempo, 5 subdivisions, up to 127 Presets, Exp In assignable to any parameter and full Midi compatibility.

An analog delay with a pleasant modulation that offers repeats up to 700mS. The Drive knob allows tape-style saturation and can deliver lo-fi tones using darker Tone settings. Two toggle switches offer different waves for the modulation (Square/Triangle) and subdivisions for the delay. A footswitch turns off the modulation and, when held, turns on or off the tails.

Jam Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme
A beefed-up version of the popular original delay with unusual functionality. 800ms of delay can be manipulated through a 4-Mode section that offers either Vibrato or “tape Age” character or Random repeats of Pitch*shifting. Tap tempo with subdivision, hold function, kill dry, trails, and expression/CV input to round up the list of features.

Electronic Audio Experiments Sending V2
One of the most powerful analog delay pedals around, fed by a colored preamp stage that can add saturation to the signal. It has a multi-function LFO section with 3 wave shapes a High/Lo Pass filter knob, Tap Tempo, full Midi Control, 3 Presets, and a host of creative functions (Chaos, Swell, Subdivisions) controllable via a secondary knob functionality.

Analog Man ARDX20 Dual Analog Delay
A truly boutique, handmade, dual analog delay by a pioneer in the guitar pedal world, the ARDX20 features controls for delay time, feedback, and delay level, and features effects loop and expression pedal jack for delay time. An expansion called AMAZEO gives it external tap tempo, modulation, and presets. It delivers up to 600ms of delay.

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man 1100-TT
There are several, popular large footprint variations of the Memory Man. The 110-TT with adds Tap Tempo, 1100mS of maximum delay time, Expression Control and an Effects Loop. Five Tap Divide subdivisions deliver rhythmic variation. The Expression Pedal Input provides real-time control over Blend, Rate, Depth, Feedback and Delay. For more affordable versions of this same series (with shorter delay times or fewer features) look at non-deluxe and 550-TT versions.

Ibanez Echo Shifter V3
Version 3 of the Echo Shifter adds a digital mode next to the original analog one for crisper repeats, and as Oscillation mode if the tap tempo footswitch is held. The effect’s modulation can now be controlled more in-depth thanks to the new Speed knob. Delay goes up to 600ms in Analog mode.

Seymour Duncan Vapor Trail Deluxe
A deluxe version of a popular delay + modulation pedal with 3 presets and digital controls and a fully analog signal path. 4 Modes: Micro Delay (fast repeats and rotary modulation); Pitch Sequence (upper and lower octaves in 8 customizable, rhythmic sequences); Pitch Bender (adds a glissando momentary effect); Runaway (optimized for self-oscillation). Wet Insert loop lets you to add other effects to just the repeated signal.

Walrus Bellwether
A large footprint analog delay with 1000ms of delay with Tap Tempo, switchable modulation, tone control. FX loop, and an interesting take on the time repeats. An expression pedal can control the time or the number of repeats (feedback).

Diamond Memory Lane 2
Out of production – The first Memory Lane was the first analog delay with Tap Tempo. It had two delay times switchable through the central footswitch, modulation with Speed and Depth controls, Mix and EQ knobs and many other features that set the standard for following similar devices.

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